You are having 86400 rupees in your hand, if someone stole 500 rupees from that 86400- what will you do ?

As everyone does, you would search for it and if you can’t find it , you would relax your mind by saying “ It’s okay. I have lost just…

Comforting ZONE: Can’t come out of it.

Have you ever felt there is no change in your life? …

Emotions are feelings, which is based on the situation you are in or people you are with . It is divided into positive and negative.

Positive emotions are more frequent and subtle than negative emotions. Even ,in the negative circumstances, we can experience a bit of positivity.

When you think…

She was so happy and full of expectations while entering into class,

To learn something new and to work hard to clear her entrance exams,

A deep voice from the last row startled for a minute,

In a silent room, the voice was so deep that the teacher turned to…

Scene: A counselling session( a student and a counselor are in a room ).

{ Representation, C: Counselor, S : Student}

The student opens up.

“I feel I can’t speak in speak in public. Public speaking is not my cup of tea “ says the student. …

There were a group of girls standing,

They were talking so happily and joyfully.

A silent girl in the class joined the conversation, everyone stopped laughing and a silence prevailed.

They cleared the group and went off!

But this incident was never cleared in that poor girl’s mind.

The silent…

Shalini mahalingam

Live. Laugh. Let it go!

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