Emotions are feelings, which is based on the situation you are in or people you are with . It is divided into positive and negative.

Positive emotions are more frequent and subtle than negative emotions. Even ,in the negative circumstances, we can experience a bit of positivity.

When you think of a negative experience that you have already gone through and try to re-live in that moment for a second , you might feel the urge to come out of it . Because you don’t want to experience the negative situation that happened in your life again . You just want to come out of it .

On the other hand, if you are given a chance to relive the most joyful moment in your life , you just dive into it and don’t want to come out.

What does this say ?

Positive emotions, make you to bring positive insights, broaden you mindset, make you kind .And Positivity is contagious, when you feel happy , you want to want to share it with another person , you want talk more about it . When you smile at a joke , you tell your fellow people , share your joy . Positivity spreads. So thinking about it , gives a big smile on your face .

Negative emotions are only felt in that moment , it’s a momentary experience. Thinking of negative emotions , brings you pain . As the positive emotions, the negative emotions have a contagious effect too. When you feel sad, the people closer to you feel sad too.

It is not that we have to feel positive all the time, it’s not possible too. If someone says I am always positive, they are lying . As human , you would experience both flavour of emotions . You can’t resist it .

Emotions are situated experiences . Interpreting the situation, gives it a positive or negative flavour. When you are experiencing an emotion, you can feel change in your body , have you noticed it . When you feel tensed , you bite your nails, shiver , your change within your self . These changes are not personal, people would view your behaviour. You broadcast your emotions to people . And last the response to your emotions. Response is really important part of an emotion.

Your response to a situation , makes it a joyful moment or a saddening moment. To make most out of a situation, reframe that situation , try to get a little bit of positive from that situation. I know it’s hard . Believe that god has created the world for goodwill.

Negative emotions like anger , hate , ego , harm , self harm, criticism, etc.,is present in this world to tell you something positive. Every emotion that you experience is manipulated in your way to make it positive or negative.

Just take positive part of every emotion.


M. Shalini

Live. Laugh. Let it go!